Imaginary Gems

The girl was at work when one of her coworkers said something demeaning about her work, and she immediately got upset, felt defensive, and thought all day about how the coworker was wrong… Continue reading

Ways to get to a happier state?

Be thankful that you don’t already have everything you desire If you did, what would there be to look forward to Be thankful when you don’t know something It gives you the opportunity… Continue reading

Top 100 Websites on the Internet – Ranked by Traffic

So if you ever wondered what people surf through on a day to day basis on the internet, here is a glorious list of the most popular websites (2013 data) :     GOOGLE.CO.UK… Continue reading

Muscles of the Soul

  Lying here staring at the ceiling Hiding from this unpleasant feeling Bursts of sunshine through the window pane The usual thoughts arising again Fishing for heavy change Fighting with something strange On… Continue reading

Internet, Mobiles, IT

Looking at the venture capital industry, it’s easy to spot that future SME start-ups and innovations are likely to centre on the digital, mobile, and internet sectors. In fact, IT, Internet, and software… Continue reading

Innovative Social Media Technology: Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis represents an innovative way to examine emotional trends across Internet content. It involves looking at the kinds of attitudes implicit in different documents and messages, with the intention of judging overall… Continue reading

Long time no speak

Sorry for the lack of entries recently, have no idea what’s happened. Seems like East London living has been getting progressively more busy and adventurous. Will make an effort to blog an update… Continue reading

Anonymous letter found expressing random kindness

You and I don’t know one another. We may never sit and laugh over cups of coffee. We may never dance in the same circles or yawn together by the midnight hour. None… Continue reading

Africa Haiku

In honour of the conclusion of David Attenborough’s Africa series of which I’ve enjoyed immensely, I wrote a poem in haiku format (my latest poetic obsession) to engage with some themes regarding this diverse continent…… Continue reading

The Problem with Consumption

Sorry for my complete lack of blogging since August, I’ve been utterly consumed with starting a new job and moving to a new city. Came across some interesting articles about world poverty and… Continue reading